Gardenia Plant Tour 2018 : Best Field Trip Ever

Wednesday, June 27, 2018 0 Comments A+ a-

"Nay, excited na po ako sa Gardenia plant tour!" 

I heard my son say this so many times during breakfast as he ate slices of Gardenia bread without putting any palaman! He can't wait to step inside the factory and see how his favorite breakfast sandwiches are actually made. I was equally excited for our first factory tour. We've always wanted to visit a factory as part of our regular field trips in our homeschool  but all our plans didn't work out so this Gardenia tour was a big deal for both of us.

Warm and tight hug from Gardenia Pocket Sandwich 

Best Field Trip Ever 

The Gardenia plant tour exceeded all our expectations. We were loaded with so many memorable experiences from the moment we set foot inside the factory. A month after the plant tour, my son vividly remembers all the activities that they did during the tour. He would still crave for the rolled Gardenia tasty bread with ham and cheese. "Nay, let's make sushi bread rolls! Please."  He would tell his friends that he saw thousands of breads in the factory and he learned the steps on how to bake breads.

My fabulous baker boy in action! 

Kids were so eager to learn how to prepare different recipes using Gardenia products

Nanay and Rio enjoy doing activities together all the time! 

What made this plant tour more memorable was the chance it gave us to spend quality time together. It was a well-deserved break from our usual daily routine at home. As homeschoolers, we value our outdoor and field trips as essential learning and bonding opportunities. We are grateful to the whole Gardenia plant tour team for giving us the best learning experience and fun adventure. We really want to come back and experience the plant tour with other homeschooling families very soon. If you're interested to organize a Gardenia plant tour, check out their Facebook page here.