Nanay's NETFLIX Pick : Grace and Frankie

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I had to stay at home and take a much needed rest for several weeks. I had urgent health issues that made me slow down and spend more time at home. Besides our very relaxed homeschool schedule, I had a lot of time watching a few Netflix shows during my unexpected break. I'd like to share some of the shows I watched  in a series of posts. Thanks to these shows, I became less anxious and less worried while I tried to regain my strength (and sanity,too!). I'm not an expert in writing reviews. I'll just share some of my thoughts and hope that you'll find them insightful and encourage you to watch them too.

Nanay's Netflix Pick #1 

Grace and Frankie (Seasons 1 to 4) 

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I think I finished the four seasons in a week! The episodes are short ( 30- 35 minutes each) so you won't easily get bored. The show's main characters, Grace ( Jane Fonda ) and Frankie ( Lily Tomlin), may be old but they both radiate such youthful and vibrant energy on screen.

Grace and Frankie, both in their 70's,  who got divorced after 40 years of marriage because their husbands fell in love with....each other! They start a unique and inspiring friendship. It's extraordinary because they have totally different personalities that cause permanent clashes but they still get along fine at the end of the day. Their friendship is also inspiring because it proves that it's possible to find your most trusted, dependable and BEST friend when your gray and old.

It's amazing how these ladies pull off their respective fashion styles. I love to see Jane Fonda (Grace) wearing just a simple pastel top with denim jeans and still look elegant and chic at her age. It's also fascinating to watch how Lily Tomlin (Frankie) carries her hippie style on how she dresses up, thinks and expresses her views.

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Sol, Frankie, Grace and Robert

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Coyote, Mallory, Brianna and Bud 

The show has a lot of things to offer besides the adventures of Grace and Frankie. You can't help bu celebrate with the new found freedom enjoyed by the conservative gay couple. You will also empathize and may even relate with the trials and hardships suffered by their children in their respective adult lives.

If you want a  light, modern, funny and  unusual comedy show, try watching Grace and Frankie. It will keep you clicking that Next Episode button until the wee hours. And lastly, you'll never think of vibrators the same way again after watching this show! As for me, I have to wait until 2019 to start watching its Season 5 episodes.

Cheers to finding new friends and aging gracefully!