How to Achieve a Deep and Endless Love for Each Other

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We are not experts on giving the best advices on love and relationships.  We can only share the lessons that we learned and experiences we shared that kept us together for almost 14 years. 

Totoo ‘yan.  Aktwal na mga karanasan at mga totoong aral ang sandigan ng aming pagmamahalan. Pangmatagalang pagmamahalan.

We are also not experts on studying which brand is the best in the market but based on our everyday experiences we can tell which one worked best for our family.

Totoo uli ‘yan. Aktwal na paggamit at mga totoong resulta ang batayan ng aming pagtangkilik sa isang produkto. Pangmalakasang pagmamahal at pangmatagalang pagtangkilik.

Let me now share the most essential love lessons we have learned and also the best reasons why we love DEL fabric conditioner.

1.     1. DELete negative thoughts just as DEL fabric conditioner takes away your laundry worries.

Being positive even in the most difficult situation is one of the greatest lessons in our relationship. The first years of our relationship brought a lot of trials but we were always hopeful that these problems will all pass.

“Kapit lang. Lilipas din ‘yan. Sa mga darating na taon, kapag binalikan natin ‘yan, tatawanan na lang natin.”

And it’s true. We would laugh together whenever we recall all those dramatic episodes in our relationship. “Grabe, magang-maga ang mata mo kakaiyak!” “Mas grabe ka! Ilang kilometro kaya ang nilakad mo nang gabing nag-away tayo!”

Happy thoughts can take away all your doubts and fears.  We feel the same when we use DEL fabric conditioner. It takes away all our laundry worries. Goodbye to amoy-kulob,  mabahong amoy  and bilis tanggal-bango !

2.     Always DELiver and keep your promises just as DEL fabric conditioner pledges unli-bango and unli-freshness to your clothes.

We strive hard to keep our promises to each other even the most simple ones.  The promise of forever starts with being true to small acts like being there at our son’s taekwondo promotion test and saving up for that dream OPM vinyl record.

Keeping promises can also teach you to be consistent and always mean what you say. DEL fabcon is the best example when it comes to living up to promises. It stays true to its promise of  bringing unli-bango and unli-freshness to our clothes. 

“Hindi kami binibigo ng DEL! Mula sampayan hanggang sa lansangan, fresh at mabango pa rin ang damit!” Totoong-totoo ang 15X loooooong lasting bango ng DEL Forever Joyand Love Fabric Conditioner!

3.     Just be DEL, Demonstrative, Extraordinary and Loyal.

Be Demonstrative.  Don’t be afraid to show your feelings. Words are not enough to express how much you love your partner. We always make sure that we give power hugs, sweet kisses and warm touches to each other.  Team Kramer’s testimonials on social media, whether about their family or the brand they endorse, inspire us to be honest and sincere in expressing what we think and feel.  So when they say that their family loves DEL, we truly believe them.

Be Extraordinary.   Always try something new and unique. We treat our relationship as an adventure where we can explore and discover new things together. Don’t be afraid to go out of your comfort zones.  It’s the same as dumping your long-time fabric conditioner to try out a newer and alternative brand.  In the end, you will discover that this new brand is the extraordinary product you have been looking for.

Be Loyal.   Last but not the least, be loyal to your partner for life. It’s the same when you find the best fabric conditioner, stick to it and use it for life. Always remember, Just be DEL.  


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Seiji MH
November 1, 2017 at 6:46 AM delete

This is such a DELightful, informative and witty article!

Nanays Trip
November 2, 2017 at 8:25 AM delete

Thanks, Seiji! Kain tayo sa Mr. Kabab sa DELta! Libre mo ko!