Birthday Party Ideas : Saying Goodbye to Our Yearly Birthday Photo Collage

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         We did not make our yearly picture collage for our dear Rio on his 6th birthday. I felt a little bit sad letting go of this birthday tradition but a part of me also says it's time to move on. It is like saying goodbye to our toddler, preschool days and moving up to more challenging years ahead.

         For five straight years we collected our favorite photos and used them to form Rio's age. Take a look at our photo collages. Don't forget to tell me your favorite year / collage in the comments section. :-)

Our very first photo collage during Rio's first Safari-themed birthday party at Wildlife Parks in Quezon City.

Rio's simple Pocoyo-themed 2nd birthday party at home.

Our Thomas and Friends 3rd birthday party at home. 

Hindi obvious sa photo pero we prepared a Monster Truck themed 4th birthday party at home. :-) 

Our last photo collage. We had a picnic party at the park to celebrate Rio's 5th birthday. It was a Curious George-themed party. Look at the books! 

         This year, our dearest Rio requested for a swimming party with his cousins. We easily agreed to his request since there was a decent pool at the clubhouse in my sister's place. We enjoyed the entire day just dipping in the pool. Rio was overjoyed that he stayed in the pool from 11 in the morning until six in the evening with just short snack breaks in between. 


          Ang bilis ng panahon! Six na ang baby boy ko. I remember starting this blog in 2011, we were just busy recording his monthly milestones and our breastfeeding journey. This year, we will start our Grade One indie homeschool adventures. Exciting and challenging days ahead. 

         I think it was the right time to stop our photo collage tradition not only because he has outgrown themed-birthday parties. But simply because he is starting to have a mind of his own.  Now is the best time to listen to his views and suggestions on how we should celebrate his special day. I'm excited and curious about the ideas that he will put forward for his 7th birthday next year. 

        To our not so little baby boy, we wish you a happy birthday. Cheers to more happy memories and fun adventures with Nanay, Tatay and Lola! We love you so much! 

Sunog na ang birthday boy natin! Babad pa more! 



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Happiest 6th birthday, Rio! May you grow in stature, in wisdom, and in favor with God and men! Alemars! Congratulations on your blog! Sarili mo na, hehehe! Please let me know how! So happy for you! Blessings! :)

nadia de leon
May 8, 2017 at 8:47 PM delete

Alemars! Thanks for reading and sharing your comment. You are always there to support me. Accountability partner ka talaga. I hope I can do the same. Malapit na tayo magkita, ikuwento ko sa iyo ang mga blog and homeschooling updates. Love you! Thanks!

May 12, 2017 at 8:05 PM delete

Aww! You're welcome, Alemars! Syempre naman! Yes, malapit na! I'm so excited! Sige, asahan ko yung mga kwento mo ha? Love you too! <3