Learning On the Road : Our Favorite "Cafeschool"

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I saw The Learning Basket's (TLB) invitation to their regular workshop on preschool homeschool in my Facebook timeline and it reminded me of the day when I attended the same event and was eager to learn why and how parents homeschool their children. Almost three years after that decisive moment and we are still enjoying every bit of our preschool homeschool journey.

I haven't organized my thoughts about the many positive experiences our family had gained from this decision. So let me share you what immediately popped into my mind when I saw TLB's invitation.

Homeschooling allowed us to learn even while on the road. Besides the countless learning opportunities we have met along the streets, we are just happy to have the choice to study and tackle our daily lessons outside our home.

Lola M can also enjoy her "me time" in our house, watch her favorite afternoon teleseryes undisturbed while we spend an hour studying in our favorite chocolate shop.

[caption id="attachment_2905" align="alignnone" width="1216"]IMG_6644 Answering Adarna's Figure This Out ( Logic Activities for Children) while eating his favorite chocolate cake ( Deep Dark Classic!). [/caption]

[caption id="attachment_2910" align="aligncenter" width="1632"]IMG_6743 Trying to assemble an excavator using a wrench and screw driver! Rio the builder in the house ( oops, in the chocolate shop..)! [/caption]

We also learned a few lessons from our "learning on the road" experiences. Look for a quiet and safe place where you can spend a few hours of study time. This perfect place can be a small coffee shop or bakeshop in your neighborhood. Drop by during the safest and "not so busy" time of the day so you can both focus on your activities without distractions.

Always be alert  and keep your gadgets safe while in the coffee shop. Do not put your cellphones or any gadget on the table. If you don't need them, put them inside your bag. When travelling, I make sure that all our gadgets are protected by keeping them safely tucked in my Halo bags.

Be courteous and friendly to the coffee shop's staff and customers. Always remember that you have to order food and don't spend a long time in the shop. If you really want to stay longer, I think it would be better if you place another order while finishing your work. Lastly, give chance to other customers. Pack your things and leave the place when a batch of new customers arrive.

Nanays, do you also "homeschool" outside your home? Feel free to share your favorite "cafeschool" and who knows, we can meet up and be classmates too!

By the way, we hold our study time in our favorite "cafeschool", Chocolat in their Makati branch.


I would like to share the book I bought when I attended The Learning Basket's (TLB) workshop three years ago. You can purchase this book at TLB's online shop. Please click Nanay's Trip : Project AKLAT to access their online shop and help me earn a little amount  ( for our own book fund, too!)  if you purchase books from this link.

Salamat, ngayon pa lang! 


If you are interested to join The Learning Basket's Preschool Homeschool Workshop, please click here to register.