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We are a family who can survive on carinderia food for our meals. Buying cooked food in neighborhood canteens always saves the day when our deadlines pile up. We always have our ever reliable "chefs" (read:neighbors) to prepare our favorite dishes.  Manang cooks the best pork steak while we can eat Aling Precy's monggo any day of the week!

We may be content with our carinderia favorites but there are also times when we crave for something different to eat. We even collected brochures of different restaurants so we can call for delivery whenever we want to.

Food Panda made all the restaurant flyers disappear on our fridge door. Now, all we have to do is go online (, decide what food to eat ( burgers, pasta, chicken, etc), search for the restaurants available in our location and place our order.

My husband loves Mexicali's garden burger so it was an easy choice. We were so lucky that there is a branch near our place and Mexicali accepts food vouchers.

[caption id="attachment_1265" align="aligncenter" width="560"]Our Mexicali dinner! Our Mexicali dinner![/caption]

[caption id="attachment_1267" align="aligncenter" width="560"]Mexican food at home! Winner! Mexican food at home! Winner![/caption]


My 75-year old mother seldom leaves our house. Food delivery allows her to enjoy great food ( a much needed break from the carinderia menu ) without going out of the house. It spares her of heavy traffic and the pain reliever medicines she must take just to endure a family dinner date. She was very happy when the FoodPanda delivery man arrived. "Kanina lang pindot ka nang pindot sa laptop, ngayon eto na ang pagkain!"

Food panda is love because it makes life very easy and hassle-free.

Our food panda experience was definitely a great one. The slight confusion on the voucher numbers I entered were very minor compared to the fast and efficient transaction and food delivery.

Lastly, we suggest that food panda devise a way to update its customers of the status of the food delivery. Most of the time, we have to wait 45 minutes to an hour before the food arrives. It will definitely please the customers (and even forget their hunger for a while) if they can receive updates such as "your food delivery is just 15 minutes away from your place".

This system of sending frequent and timely delivery status may turn waiting to happy and positive experience for the customers.

Take a break from your carinderia moments and set a food panda dinner date with the whole family right in your home.

Thank you to FoodPandaPH and Mommy Bloggers Philippines for letting us try Food Panda's this great food delivery service.

Visit now and order a delightful dinner for your family tonight so you can have all the time to finish wrapping your Christmas presents.

Happy holidays!