Video on APAS : Watch, believe and fight!

Thursday, October 24, 2013 0 Comments A+ a-

This short feature on APAS from the Probe Team is both informative and inspiring. I posted this video on my Facebook timeline when I was pregnant with Rio to help my friends and relatives understand my condition. One friend even left this fiery "Junk APAS!" comment, which kept my fighting spirit high throughout my pregnancy. You can read my APAS journey here.

I'm now posting this video here in my blog to tell all my fellow APAS women warriors that we can defeat APAS. Watch the video and listen to the inspiring stories of the two mothers, how they coped and won their battles against APAS.  The two doctors (Dra. Angela Aguilar and Dra. Lara Aleta) who served as resource persons in this feature were also my heroes and stayed with me until that happiest day of my life when my precious and fighter son Rio was born.

Special thanks to Kath, my high school batchmate and friend, who made sure that APAS warriors may view this helpful video in You Tube again.

Here's the video. Watch and believe that we can defeat APAS!