Need some "me time"? Spend it in Chocolat!

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I was up for a busy Monday but decided to cancel my afternoon meeting in Manila due to bad traffic updates I read in my Twitter timeline. So I just headed to Makati to finish a super quick errand and realized I still had time for a short “me time".

My "me time"  means a few hours of writing blog posts (read: drafts) in fast foods/food courts or in short, working/writing away from home.

Where to go?

I don’t usually go to coffee shops or places where a cup of coffee costs more than a stored value MRT ticket.  My husband and I usually satisfy our coffee urge with cups of brewed coffee in McDonald's or go to the nearest place where there are donut combos ( 1 regular donut + coffee).

But today was different. I wanted to spend this precious “me time”  not in my usual to-go place. I'm craving for my favorite chocolate cake. Good thing, I was one jeepney ride away from a Chocolat branch.

What to do?

I ordered a cup of brewed coffee and a slice of my favorite classic chocolate cake. I ended up writing three outlines and several bright ideas for my upcoming blog projects. Not bad at all. At least I have something to start working on in the coming days.

photo (19)

So if you’re looking for a perfect “me time” place in Makati area,  I recommend Chocolat’s branch in Emilia St. corner Bautista St., Barangay Palanan.  Here are some of my reasons why it's the best place to spend your precious "me time" :

-      You get to taste the best chocolate cakes in town. ( Cakes are cheaper and much better compared to the ones offered by coffee shops like Starbucks, Coffee Bean, etc.) 

-       The place is definitely crowd-free. Me-time equals quiet time too.  ( This branch caters to the “take out”  market.  Most of their customers go there to buy whole cakes and not to dine in.)

-       Good news to mom bloggers who just want to write and finish their draft posts :  The place has no WI-FI connection!  ( This means no distractions – No Facebook, No Twitter, No E-mails. Just make sure that you can fight the urge to turn on your mobile phone's cellular data!)

We have captured many Chocolat moments in the past years. Here are some pictures with the newest Chocolat fan, our son Rio!

[caption id="attachment_786" align="aligncenter" width="560"]Rio with his sweet smile! Yummy! Rio with his sweet smile! Yummy![/caption]

[caption id="attachment_787" align="aligncenter" width="560"]Wacky time with the gang in Chocolat's MOA branch Wacky time with the gang in Chocolat's MOA branch[/caption]

Nanays,where do you usually spend your "me time"? It would be interesting to share our "me time" hangouts and we might bump into each other and we can change it to "our time"!