Let's Share Our APAS Stories

Monday, September 02, 2013 0 Comments A+ a-

Lately I have been receiving comments in the post where I shared my APAS pregnancy experience. I am touched by my readers' statements that our family's story inspired them to keep on fighting this condition that keeps them from having their life wish, that is to have their own little bundle of joy.

I wish I can answer all the APAS questions that I get from my readers. How much does an APAS test cost? What does my result say - do I have APAS or  not? I have a confession to make.  I think I forgot all the things I researched about APAS when I was diagnosed with it back in 2009. Epidural did not only snatch my very sharp short-term memory but it drained all my APAS knowledge as well.

When I finally wrote our APAS story as my 1st birthday post for Rio, I have a simple mission:  to tell the families who are faced with this condition that APAS can be defeated! But I became  so engaged with my breastfeeding journey and focused on my growing toddler's milestones that I totally forgot about APAS and my mission.

The recent comments I received from my fellow APAS women warriors made me rethink and continue my mission. I will try to create a special space here in my blog for APAS stories. I am not an expert in immunology nor fertility but both my mind and heart are willing to listen to your stories, be it about pain, loss, hope or happiness. Your thoughts are very much welcome here ladies!


Nanays and friends, do you have an APAS story to tell? Nanaystrip will welcome guest posts/ stories from women and their families who want to share their APAS battles/stories. I hope we can share our APAS support networks (OB's, immunologists, meds, etc.), resources, new studies and anything that would help families cope with APAS.  You can email me at nanaystrip@gmail.com. Thanks and I'm looking forward to your stories!