Help! How do I raise a reader?

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Rio, do you want Nanay to read a book before you sleep?


I was in denial for a few seconds. Did my son just blurt out a NO? His answer sounded impulsive yet decisive.

As far as I can recall, we enjoyed reading time.  He loved his Pocoyo book so much that it already has missing pages. He was amazed with the glow-in-the- dark Cars book whenever we read it during bedtime with the lights off.  That NO answer led to more questions and I felt a tinge of guilt too.


Let’s bring on the questions first.  Why did he say NO?  Maybe he just wanted to stay up a little more and he equates reading with sleeping time. Do we have age-appropriate books or the ones we have are too boring and advanced for him? Am I lousy reader and storyteller?


[caption id="attachment_688" align="aligncenter" width="222"]What books should I read? What books should I read?[/caption]

After the questions, I have to face the guilt part. Have I turned my child into a TV and gadget addict?   Yes, sometimes I forget to read stories to Rio before bedtime. We just nurse and I join him in dreamland.  Wait, one more question  after that confession.  Is it wrong to create your own stories and characters instead of reading bedtime stories to your child?


Verdict : GUILTY! I am a lazy Nanay and I need to be decisive if I still want to teach my son the value of reading and everything that comes with it.


I need all the support I can get to make this happen.  For a start, I will listen to Teacher Mariel of Learning Basket and to all the moms who will be there as they share valuable points on how to raise readers.

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Do you have the same questions and feel that slight guilt in your heart?  Join me on Saturday and let’s discover the best way in raising readers.  Register here. If you can’t make it to the seminar, your thoughts are most welcome here in the comments section. :-)