My Three Nanays ( Part 1)

Sunday, May 12, 2013 0 Comments A+ a-

I have two mothers. No. I actually have three. My nanay,tita fe and ate olive.

This May, mother's month, I will try my best to share my thoughts on the three wonderful women of my life. I'll start with my Nanay.


She always tells me these things.  She almost died when she had me. I was her only child who had her precious breast milk for just 10 days. I was the only child who caused her so much stress she needed to undergo medical treatment to cope with it.

Though these statements sometimes make me think that I caused her more pain than joy, I still believe that she loves me, her bunso, with all her heart.

I do not always say these things to you Nay but I have lived and been trying to live by these words everyday of my life.

1) I'm sorry for all the pain and disappointment I have given you.

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="500" caption="Rio showing his Juan dela Cruz moves to Lola (who was busy watching the real Juan dela Cruz on TV)"]image[/caption]

2) I am forever grateful for all your sacrifices. You are so hard working that until now you help me with your super likot apo.

3) I admire your strength Nay. It may not be seen in ordinary situations like you being scared to step on the escalator or your constant refusal to use our gas stove because the LPG might explode. It is because your strength shines in the most trying and difficult situation. It helped and kept our family stronger when Tatay passed away.

4) Lastly, I love you Nay!

Happy Nanay's Day and I promise to cook for you soon. Nilagang baka or sopas? :-)