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One of the things we (nanay&tatay)are learning  from Kindermusik is that it’s not only good for kids but designed for us parents too. Hindi lang pambata, pang-magulang pa!  



When we enrolled Rio in KM, his exposure and interaction with other kids were our main concerns. Umiikot lang kasi ang mundo ni Rio sa aming mag-asawa at paminsan-minsan sa mga lola niya. At 21 months, he can only say a few words at kailangan mo pang irequest ang mga ito: “Rio, tawagin mo si Tatay.” And he’ll say “Ta-ta.” We thought that exposing him to music and other kids his age will encourage him to communicate more.

Thanks to KM and his Pororo apps in iPad, Rio has new words and says them without nanay’s coercion powers, hehe. We super love it when he calls us “Na, Ta!” at may tono pa! Sa umaga, he looks for his tatay outside and calls him “Ta....ta...” He now says La-la (for Lola), Yes, Hi-ya (I’m still finding out if he got this from me : I always say hiiii-ya when I carry him or we go up/down the stairs), Ti-ta (I’m sure he got this from a Pororo game with the title Tick-Talk).

He knows some of the action songs taught by Teachers Jeannie and Maya but he prefers doing them at home. Maraming gusting gawin si Rio sa KM classroom and unfortunately hindi kasama doon ang mga action songs at routine ng mga teachers.



We also have Kindermusik to thank for teaching us some important life/parent lessons. We still have ten sessions to attend and I plan to share theme to you until we graduate in May.


Lesson #1: Playtime is learning time.

Rio learned a lot of concepts through our playtime.  We introduced the word airplane by playing with his plane toy or by doing the flying hand gesture. He got to know more sounds (rap-rap-rap for hammer) through listening to KM songs played in class and at home.

He can now identify the letters of his name R-I-O.  It started while playing with his alphabet blocks (we even made the blocks Christmas tree decors!), putting letter magnets on our fridge door and thanks to the Endless Alphabet iPad apps for making alphabets more fun to learn.

At this stage, we still don’t practice study time. We just enjoy playing, singing, dancing and reading together. Choosing the right kind of toys and music are essential but spending quality playtime with your kids is still the most important thing. Kahit pa watching TV, youtube videos o playing iPad games yan, basta you do it with your toddler, winner moment pa rin ang mga ito.

So don’t worry if you hum and sing to Hi5 songs more than the latest pop music craze or you watch Pocoyo, Pororo or Doc Mcstuffins more than the popular hit TV series. It only means you are having fun with the things your kid love and enjoy.



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sikat pala ang Pororo, nakita ko kasi ang cd ng aking pamangkins, may ganyang titulo. hehehe.